I must express serious disagreement with your statement that "apartheid" is an inappropriate term for the Israeli treatment of Palestinian Arabs. To quote a recent position paper from B'Tselem (Israel's leading human rights organization), Arabs living in Israel "do not enjoy the same rights as Jewish citizens by either law or practice... all Palestinians living under Israeli rule are treated as inferior in rights and status to Jews who live in the very same area." For this reason, major human rights organizations (including Human Rights Watch, as well as B'Tselem itself) have labelled Israel as an apartheid state, and I believe that all people concerned with human rights ought to do the same.

I would also object to the multiple insinuations throughout your piece that those labelling Israel as an apartheid state are doing so for reasons of antisemitism. Take, for example, your accusation that critics of Israel "want to make every Jew Jared Kushner," or the claim that anti-imperialists are "celebrating Jewish death," rather than defending the right of an occupied people to defend itself. To the best of my knowledge, the vast majority of those who defend the right of Palestinians to violent self-defense (including myself, it must be said) have no desire to "celebrate Jewish death"; rather, we believe that it is deeply unjust to suggest that a colonized people should lay down and die peacefully, without employing violence to defend itself, and we object deeply to the moral equivalence being drawn by Israel apologists between the violence of the Israeli state and the violence of Palestinians (which is both massively smaller in scale, and largely reactive in nature).


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