Most of the sources included here are Israeli (e.g. Haaretz, B'Tselem, ACRI) while those that aren't (e.g. Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, and so on) are widely esteemed international organizations and publications. None of the facts that I cited are in the least controversial, except among apologists for Israeli war crimes and apartheid.

In addition, nowhere did I ascribe the blame for Israel's (abhorrent and well-documented) crimes to the Jewish people as a whole. I know Israeli apologists tend to struggle with the idea that people of the same ethnic group can have different opinions (they are racists, after all), but millions of Jews around the world are critical of the Israeli government, with many of them playing a heroic role in the struggle for Palestinian freedom. I would cite the example of Israel Shahak, a great Jewish-Israeli human rights advocate and Holocaust survivor, who fought for many years to uphold Palestinian rights.

As for the rest of what you said (i.e. the tired "self-defense" trope, the bizarre reference to the blood libel, and so on), it's just irrelevant nonsense, and so it doesn't merit reply.



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